AURORA trial : A Multicenter Analysis of Stereotactic Radiotherapy to the Resection Cavity of Brain Metastases

Study PI:

PD Dr. Denise Bernhardt (Part 1)
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

PD Dr. Jan Peeken (Part 2)
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Prof. Dr. med. Stephanie E. Combs
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Study design: 

● Multi-center, international retrospective study

Study objective:

Part 1: clinical evaluations regarding prognosis, fractionation, toxicity, OS, PFS, surgery, GPA, RPA scoring
● Part 2: radiomics and deep learning analysis for metastases characterizration, prognostic assessment and segmentation.

Project status:

● Data collection and transfer completed at all centers
● Statistical analysis ongoing (Part 1)
● Development of radiomics and deep learning models ongoing (Paart 2)

● MRI-based UNet segmentation model for brain metastases: